Steven Krolak(non-registered)
Phenomenal Cuba set! So much trust and openness. Love the grit and languor. Cars are fantastic.
John Foss(non-registered)
Fabulous Ray. You have some stunning images here. There is an air of emotions and beauty in every subject. Well done that man. Keep up the astonishing work for us all to enjoy.
Ayrica Bishop(non-registered)
Beautiful work. You have a great eye for capturing intimate details and emotion! Thank you for sharing.
Chris Cox(non-registered)
Just finished the Cuba set. Really nice! Wonderful use of light, beautifully captured. Really enjoyed them, thanks for sharing!

Would love to know the story behind some of them--especially the shot that captured folks standing in line. What were they there for?
Lavenia McDaniel(non-registered)
Photographic eye that reels softly connecting each individual moment with care.Revealing a glimpse into heart, space and Seat of soul.
Love photography..Thank you for sharing
Bob Weixler(non-registered)
Incredible images. I love your work. They make you take a breath and reflect.

Great photography!
Christopher Morris
Michelle Hockman(non-registered)
Thanks for sharing your work. It is beautiful!
Rhonda Boyd(non-registered)
Dr. Wallace, your artwork is incredible.
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