Rick Bozynski(non-registered)
Hi Ray
My favorites were the Buffalo shots and for some crazy reason the Barn, it screamed Wyoming to me.
Dave Burns(non-registered)
Hi, Ray.

Nice work at Yellowstone! You braved the cold and it looks like you had a great time and saw a big variety of wildlife. A nice mix of color vs. monochrome as expected based on what I saw in Cuba.

Robin Morgan
Stunning. I didn't know what to expect when I clicked on your images. I keep coming back, trying to figure out which ones I like the best but I can't. Thanks for sharing your work.
Kelly Ryan(non-registered)
Photos look fantastic - amazing trip and spectacular coloring.
Andrea McCaleb(non-registered)
These are amazing. I LOVE them. I have a budding photographer in my home and I look forward to showing her these. Thank you so much for sharing.
Andrew Takami(non-registered)
Hi, Ray - you are a real artist! These pictures from Yellowstone, once again, reinforce this in my mind. Appreciate you capturing this beauty and sharing with others. Appreciate your friendship. -Andrew
Kim Stone(non-registered)
Amazing images of Yellowstone in the winter! I can't wait to see more about the coyote couple. Thanks so much for sharing your Yellowstone with me, along with your artistic vision. Beautiful work!
Don and KATHY Smith(non-registered)
Wonderful photos Ray! Best i’ve Seen.
Herb Terry(non-registered)
Thanks for sharing the recent Yellowstone gallery, Ray. My wife and I were in Yellowstone a few years ago -- at winter's end. Warmer than when you were there, but still very few tourists/visitors. It's a wonderful place under those conditions. Your photos brought back nice memories.
Gregory Spiker(non-registered)
Awesome pictures! So magnificent!
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